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Tarrant County Medical Examiner Building

Fort Worth, Texas

This was a 30,000 ft2 medical examiner facility with 100% outdoor air cooling system, with 3 air handlers ducted in parallel to provide redundancy. The central chiller plant utilized two magnetic drive McQuay chillers in a variable primary system. The central boiler plant utilized two 90% efficient condensing boilers. Several spaces required large amounts of fresh air and fume hoods to control fumes. Two labs utilized pure nitrogen generators. It also included an indoor firing range. It was initially designed to be a LEED certified facility.

Asurion Call Center

Phoenix, Arizona

This was a peer review of an HVAC design for a 30,000 ft2 Call Center that was completed by another engineering firm. Many technical design issues were reviewed for compliance with Owner’s goals. We paid particular attention to HVAC noise abatement, which appeared to be forgotten by the engineer of record.

Scott & White Helipad Remodel

Temple, Texas

The roof-mounted helipad project consisted of designing a snow/ice melt system, foam fire suppression system, and storm drainage system with fuel/water separator. Additionally, the project included designing the air conditioning for an elevator equipment room, two mechanical rooms, and elevator lobby. An elevator hoist way exhaust system was also part of the design.

Scott & White Vivarium

Temple, Texas

This was part of a 3 phase $17 million project. It included cage washing, clean and soiled air pressure control, mouse and rat housing rooms, other research facilities, 100% outside air, water based heat recovery, necropsy and operating rooms, receiving rooms, and steam sterilization.

Osprey Hangar

Cannon AFB, New Mexico

Retrofit of an existing hangar to support the Osprey repair and maintenance facility. Included a complete redesign of HVAC exhaust, heating, cooling, and plumbing systems.

Courthouse No. 1 Remodel

Longview, Texas

Renovate and remodel of courtroom, judge's chambers, court reporter's rooms, jury deliveration rooms. Included remodel of existing dual duct VAV and plumbing systems.

Irwin Avenue Family Recreation Center

Charlotte, North Carolina

Mechanical engineer for $7.5 million recreation center. Facility consisted of indoor water park, community spaces, and classrooms.