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Scott & White Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Temple, Texas

This was a $17 million, 3 phase project which included 3 primary spaces: a General Lab Practice (GLP) area, an FDA validated Good Manufacturing area (GMP), and a Vivarium. It included medical grade CO2 systems serving incubators, ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms, ISO Class 5 biosafety cabinets, clean steam sterilization, reverse osmosis water purification systems, air to air and water run around loop heat recovery systems, mice and rat housing and animal research related rooms.

Tarrant County Medical Examiner Building

Fort Worth, Texas

This was a 30,000 ft2 medical examiner facility with 100% outdoor air cooling system, with 3 air handlers ducted in parallel to provide redundancy. The central chiller plant utilized two magnetic drive McQuay chillers in a variable primary system. The central boiler plant utilized two 90% efficient condensing boilers. Several spaces required large amounts of fresh air and fume hoods to control fumes. Two labs utilized pure nitrogen generators. It also included an indoor firing range. It was initially designed to be a LEED certified facility.

Wright-Patterson Energy Lab Research Facility

Wright Patterson AFB

Design-build scope to provide 20% design documents of a central plant, chilled and hot water piping distribution system, and HVAC to multiple, unique energy research related lab spaces. Interestingly, one room was designed to maintain 10% relative humidity for battery research.

3M Drug Delivery Patch Adhesive Lab

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This was 6,000 ft2 lab designed to test the efficacy of adhesive for drug delivery patches. It included a space designed to be 115°F, 95% relative humidity.

3M Safety Shower Remodel

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This was a retrofit of all safety shower systems at all 3M labs in Minneapolis. It also included a conversion of all hard copy architctural drawings to AutoCAD.


Mineral Wells, Texas

Lee Montz provided complete mechanical and plumbing design of approximately 16,000 ft2 of lab space to serve filter manufacturing needs. Space utilizes multiple fume hoods, room pressure control, pure gas distribution, compressed lab air, specialty fume and heat exhaust, acid waste neutralization systems, and reverse osmosis quality water distribution system.