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GL2M is a place where engineers find projects and resources. Are you tired of commuting? Can you bring engineering business in the door? Do you need insurance, or a licensed engineer in another state? Or, do you have a project in Revit and don’t know Revit, yet. GL2M can complete you.

Do you need a plumbing designer or an electrical engineer to do a certain project? Maybe you just need accounting help or help developing a proposal and a fee for a certain project? Maybe you need help designing a solar manufacturing plant, or an ice rink, or a jet engine testing facility? GL2M can provide you with the technical and administrative support necessary to realize your dreams.

GL2M engineers work from home or at a client’s site. We don’t commute. We work for the people we want to work for. We do the projects we want to do.

You can live a different lifestyle under the GL2M umbrella.

  • No more commuting!
  • Work your favorite types of projects.
  • Work for your favorite clients.
  • Work your hours.
  • Earn more.