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United Regional Bridwell Medical Tower

Wichita Falls, Texas

Designed the MEP systems including medical gases and emergency power for a $42 million, 5 story medical tower that houses radiology, surgery, women's services, and pediatrics. Also provided construction administrative services during the 18 month construction period.

Wise Regional Healthcare System

Decatur, Texas

Provided project management and mechanical engineering oversight for the $37 million, 168,000 square foot four-story replacement hospital that houses radiology, surgery, women services and pediatrics. The project also included a boiler and chiller plant to serve the new addition.

United Regional Medical Tower West

Wichita Falls, Texas

Provided project management and mechanical engineering oversight for the $19 million, four-story addition to an existing building. The facility has four cath labs, 12 ICU beds, 16 CCU beds and 16 PCU beds. The chiller plant was expanded to serve the new addition.

Harris Methodist South West Chiller Addition

Fort Worth, Texas

Designed the installation of an additional 1500-Ton chiller with cooling tower, chilled water pump, condenser water pump, and controls. The new system was piped in parallel to provide additional chiller plant capacity for future hospital growth. The new chiller, pumps and cooling tower are 20% more efficient than the existing plant equipment. Pipe routing and equipment location were designed to provide easy access and maintenance clearance.

Coastal State Prison

Savannah, Georgia

New 20,000 ft2 Infirmary, including HVAC and plumbing design.

Scott & White Surgical Science Building

Temple, Texas

Provided MEP design services for a new 400,000 square foot, 36 operating rooms facility. The four-story facility offers multi-functional spaces for a wide variety of departmental groups. The facility includes radiology department, central sterile, operating rooms, and PACU rooms.

Texas A&M Health Science Center

Bryan, Texas

This 4 story medical office building was 130,000 ft2. It included medical office space, nursing school, medical school, commercial kitchen/café, a water cooled MRI, and a CT scanning machine. This was a design build project. It utilized four 105 ton VAV rooftop units ducted in parallel, to provide full HVAC system redundancy and low first cost. It was designed in Revit 3D.

Good Shepherd Medical Center

Longview, Texas

Performed a mechanical and electrical facility assessment study for the hospital that produced over $11 million in capital improvements for the facility. Some of the capital improvements included emergency power system to operate the chiller plant, an emergency back-up cooling system for the data center, and an infectious isolation triage unit within the emergency services department.

Scott & White Central Utilities Plant

Temple, Texas

Provided mechanical engineering design for a new central plant to support over 2 million square feet of hospital campus. The plant design incorporates 10,500 tons of chiller capacity and 3,500 BHP of steam boiler capacity. Additionally, the central plant is capable of supplying medical oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide to the entire hospital campus. The central plant has wide temperature difference, variable primary flow chillers with heat recovery condensers for energy efficiency. The boilers have high efficiency burners for additional energy efficiency. The total cost of the project is $19 million.

Scott & White Children's Hospital

Temple, Texas

This project was a retrofit of an existing hospital. Primary work product was coordinated shop drawings utilizing Revit 3D and Navisworks.

Scott & White Angio Suite Remodel

Temple, Texas

Provided MEP design services for a 4,500 square foot remodel to an existing Angioplasty Suite. The suite includes patient holding areas, pre/post procedure rooms, nurse station, treatment room and angio room.

United Healthcare Central Plant Remodel

Wichita Falls, Texas

Provided project management and mechanical engineering for the renovation of the central plant that increased the chiller capacity from 1,200 tons to 2,250 tons and the boiler capacity from 500 BHP to 750 BHP. The chiller plant was converted from a constant volume system to a primary-secondary variable flow system. Also, the chiller and boiler systems were outfitted with electronic DDC controls.

Cleburne Ambulatory Surgery Center

Cleburne, Texas

This project was a diagnosis of an HVAC system that would not meet state required relative humidity requirements. Many individuals analyzed the system over several years, and could not discover why the system would not work. We discovered the system was never balanced, and was delivering too much air too fast across the coil. The system was repaired within 2 days of initial analysis.

East Texas Medical Center Surgery Suite Remodel

Tyler, Texas

This was an energy retrofit project involving 12 surgical suites. Designed a Variable Air Volume (VAV) Direct Digital Control (DDC) "Fanwall" system.

East Texas Medical Center Energy Retrofit

Tyler, Texas

This was an energy retrofit project in a hospital. (90) pneumatic VAV boxes were replaced with Direct Digital Control (DDC) Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes served by (3) air handlers. Substantial improvements in control sequences were available from the DDC system. It was designed in Revit 3D. Trane Trace was utilized to develop the energy savings analysis.

Family Health Center

Waco, Texas

This was a new 5,000 ft2 medical office building. It utilized packaged and split HVAC equipment mounted on the ground to provide excellent service ability. This is a ducted supply, plenum return system, and is a standard design concept in medical office buildings.

Frisco Spine

Frisco, Texas

This was a 6,000 ft2 medical office HVAC and PLUMBING design. Design included fan powered Variable Air Volume (VAV) duct system, bathrooms, and lavatories.

Scott & White Helipad Remodel

Temple, Texas

The roof-mounted helipad project consisted of designing a snow/ice melt system, foam fire suppression system, and storm drainage system with fuel/water separator. Additionally, the project included designing the air conditioning for an elevator equipment room, two mechanical rooms, and elevator lobby. An elevator hoist way exhaust system was also part of the design.

Scott & White Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Remodel

Temple, Texas

Provided MEP design services for a 2,000-square foot NICU continuing care nursery. The renovated area includes nursery, nurse station, and check-in area.

Oklahoma Sports and Orthopedic

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This project was 12,000 ft2 orthopedic space remodel. It primarily included a redesign of existing VAV duct systems.

OSOI Renovation Clinic/Rehab

Norman, Oklahoma

This project was a complete mechanical and plumbing system redesign of 20,000 ft2 of an existing orthopedic facility utilizing Navisworks and Revit 3D.

Hospital Corporation of America Data Center Remodel

Fort Worth, Texas

This was a retrofit of an existing 40,000 ft2 data center. The system was designed to provide 200 Watts/ft2 of cooling. A typical data center has a heat density of about 60 Watts/ft2. So, this was a significant technical challenge. The chiller plant utilized a variable primary piping system, with (3) water cooled, magnetic drive McQuay chillers in parallel, for redundancy and energy efficiency.

Muenster Hospital Remodel

Muenster, Texas

This project was a retrofit of an existing hospital. Project included installing new HVAC packaged rooftop equipment, new duct system, new exhaust system, and wading pool plumbing and HVAC systems.

Scott & White Hospice

Temple, Texas

This project was designed by another mechanical engineer. However, the mechanical systems would not commission properly. Was asked by the client to diagnose the issues. Lee Montz spent 3 days with the test and balance contractor and the controls contractor. Went through the controls coding line by line to diagnose and repair the failure mode. Also learned an automatic balancing valve was built incorrectly, causing inadequate flow.

Scott & White Institute for Regenerative Medicine

Temple, Texas

This was a $17 million, 3 phase project which included 3 primary spaces: a General Lab Practice (GLP) area, an FDA validated Good Manufacturing area (GMP), and a Vivarium. It included medical grade CO2 systems serving incubators, ISO Class 7 and 8 cleanrooms, ISO Class 5 biosafety cabinets, clean steam sterilization, reverse osmosis water purification systems, air to air and water run around loop heat recovery systems, mice and rat housing and animal research related rooms.

McKenzie Apothecary

Williamsburgh, Virginia

HVAC Renovations of approximately 1,200 ft2, boiler replacement, and HVAC installation.

Atlantic Shores Retirement Community

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Building "A" is a 158 unit, 227,000 ft2 steel framed apartment building for a local retirement community. The one and two bedroom apartments each have private balconies. The 6-story building is composed into 3 wings, joined by a central core area. The exterior of the building consists of a 2-story, high brick watertable with vinyl siding cladding the upper floors.

Domiciliary Treatment Pod

Hampton, Virginia

Facility is designed to house administrative and medical functions specifically aimed at treating substance-use disorders and mental health problems. The building includes spaces for drug abuse program therapy, national homeless dental program, and rehabilitation case managers, as well as support spaces for offices, group rooms, and consultation rooms. Total square footage is 7,075.