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Hospital Corporation of America Data Center Remodel

Fort Worth, Texas

Retrofit of an existing 40,000 ft2 data center. The system was designed to provide 200 Watts/ft2 of cooling. A typical data center has a heat density of about 60 Watts/ft2. So, this was a significant technical challenge. The chiller plant utilized a variable primary piping system, with (3) water cooled, magnetic drive McQuay chillers in parallel, for redundancy and energy efficiency.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Data Center Remodel

Fort Worth, Texas

This was 6,000 ft2 data center upgrade. An air cooled chiller served (6) Liebert floor mounted underflow computer room air conditioners. Heat density was 40 Watts/ft2.

Farmers Data Center

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This was a new 50,000 ft2 data center built for a force five tornado. It utilized multiple Liebert split systems, with the outdoor condensers installed on a steel deck inside a concrete walled bunker.

CCC Data Center Remodel

Hartford, Texas

This was a retrofit of an existing 3,000 ft2 data center. The floor was too low and too full of wires to provide adequate cooling through the raised floor. A new HVAC system was designed to provide full redundancy and cool air through an overhead ducted system that delivered cool air through laminar air diffusers to the cold aisles.

1st Community Data Center Remodel

Killeen, Texas

This was a 3,000 ft2 data center refrigeration system upgrade. The raised floor was low and prevented its used from an air distribution system. The design utilized an overhead cooling system that delivered cold air through laminar flow diffusers to the cold aisle.