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More than ever before, building commissioning is a vital component of any new construction, renovation or expansion. Gone are the days of the building that just houses advanced technology. Modern facilities incorporate high-end technologies throughout. Building commissioning provides a comprehensive approach to quality assurance for a buildings entire infrastructure. Such systems may include heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, safety equipment and security systems. Commissioning ensures a new facility begins its life cycle at optimal productivity with all systems operating as intended. GL2M Engineering's brings together a small group of engineers committed to the goal of helping buildings work better through this process commonly referred to as building commissioning. Combining years of mechanical and electrical design experience with special emphasis on energy efficient operation for both new and existing buildings, GL2M has focused on refining the methods that ensure successful design, construction and operation of our client’s buildings. The following services are provided to help verify and ensure that all mechanical and electrical building systems are designed, documented, installed and operate as intended. The following services are based on ASHRAE Guideline 1-1996, The HVAC Commissioning Process.

General Scope Services:

  • Provide independent commissioning services by a registered professional engineering firm.
  • Review design intent and basis of design documentation (prepared by others).
  • Assist with incorporation of commissioning requirements into the construction documents.
  • Develop a commissioning plan and assist with its utilization.
  • Verify installation, functional performance, training and operation and maintenance documentation.
  • Prepare commissioning report and related systems documentation.
  • Provide follow-up services to ensure that the systems continue to operate as intended.

Pre-proposal or Program Phase Services:

  • Review Owner’s Program for criteria that defines how the building will be used, special user needs, defined occupancy requirements, type of building construction proposed, required system functions, and any other special project requirements.
  • Review and help define related energy, air quality and environmental performance criteria.
  • Review initial design intent and basis of design for inclusion in the Proposal Solicitation.
  • Review Developer Proposal Solicitation with regards to overall project implementation, with special emphasis on testing, balancing and training requirements.
  • Develop preliminary Commissioning Plan for inclusion in the Proposal. This document will help to define the recommended commissioning process for this project and the expected membership of the commissioning team.
  • Start development of the Systems Manual.

Proposal Phase Services:

  • Attend pre-proposal meetings and help to establish the benefits of the commissioning program.
  • Assist Owner in responding to questions raised by developers and contractors.
  • Assist the Owner and Architect with the evaluation of the proposals submitted for compliance with the commissioning criteria and requirements.