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Scott & White Central Utilities Plant

Provided mechanical engineering design for a new central plant to support over 2 million square feet of hospital campus. The plant design incorporates 10,500 tons of chiller capacity and 3,500 BHP of steam boiler capacity. Additionally, the central plant is capable of supplying medical oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide to the entire hospital campus. The central plant has wide temperature difference, variable primary flow chillers with heat recovery condensers for energy efficiency. The boilers have high efficiency burners for additional energy efficiency. The total cost of the project is $19 million.

United Healthcare Central Plant Remodel

Provided project management and mechanical engineering for the renovation of the central plant that increased the chiller capacity from 1,200 tons to 2,250 tons and the boiler capacity from 500 BHP to 750 BHP. The chiller plant was converted from a constant volume system to a primary-secondary variable flow system. Also, the chiller and boiler systems were outfitted with electronic DDC controls.

Wise Regional Healthcare System

Decatur, Texas

Designed a new central plant to support a new 168,000 ft2 hospital. Systems included a chilled water plant, steam boiler plant, medical gas yard, emergency power system, and water treatment system. System utilized a "primary secondary" variable pumping system.

HCA Data Center

Fort Worth, Texas

New chilled water plant utilizing (3) 300 ton magnetic drive McQuay water cooled chillers. System utilized a "variable primary" pumping system.

Tarrant County Medical Examiner

Fort Worth, Texas

New chilled water plant utilizing (2) redundant magnetic drive 200 ton McQuay water cooled chillers. System utilized a "variable primary" pumping system. Boiler plant utilized redundant condensing boilers.

Good Shepherd Medical Center

Longview, Texas

Performed a mechanical and electrical facility assessment study for the hospital that produced over $11 million in capital improvements for the facility. Some of the capital improvements included emergency power system to operate the chiller plant, an emergency back-up cooling system for the data center, and an infectious isolation triage unit within the emergency services department.

PECOFacet Central Plant

Mineral Wells, Texas

This project included (3) air cooled chillers piped in a primary-secondary piping arrangement, for redundancy and energy efficiency. The heating plant included (2) non-condensing gas fired boilers piped in parallel for redundancy. Alternative designs were presented in a movie format to the client, to appreciate the short and long term implications of preliminary design alternatives. It was designed in Revit 3D.

FMC Central Plant with Thermal Storage

Fridley, Minnesota

This was a new 300 ton water cooled screw chiller plant with a primary secondary piping system. It also included (6) Calmac ice tanks in a thermal storage system. The system freezes (6) Calmac ice tanks at night utilizing inexpensive electricity. During the day, the ice is melted to cool the building, when electricity rates rise. A $60,000 rebate was obtained from the local utility.

Bell Helicopter Chiller Plant Improvements

Fort Worth, Texas

Provided project management and mechanical engineering for two 1,600-ton centrifugal chillers with cooling towers, pumps and DDC controls.